Monday, December 14, 2009

A sign to take to Nepal??

So this all started when Janelle and I were talking about cameras and how many photos we wanted to take while we are on our trip. As we were talking we decided that we needed a banner that we could take to Nepal with us to put up when we are taking photos with the school children. Then the light bulb came on. One of my best friends Reggie started a new job where they make signs for companies all around town! It sounded too good to be true....

I talked to Reggie and he thought he could make our banner. I went there on December 3rd to see what they could do for us. I met Jena. She is the spirited owner and manager who was more than happy to help me out.

You can check them out on facebook. Here is the link: Simply Signs!!!

Not quite right...

It's big. That hand is far larger than mine... haha

Perfect!!! It looks so good!

Now, thanks to Simply Signs we have a great looking banner to use at all our fundraisers and to take to Nepal with us. Props to you two! You did a great job!

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