Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nepal 2010 Video

Hello Everyone!!!

At long last the blog is being resurrected. Here is a link to a video that sort of encompasses our trip to Nepal in the spring of 2010.

Nepal 2010


Ivy Waite said...

Hi! I am a teacher in Southern Alberta and would LOVE to introduce my grade 9-12 students to you and your cause! My principal had the pleasure of attending your session at the 2011 Southern Alberta Teachers Convention in February - and our students are currently trying to plan how they can be the change they want to see in the world. If you would be interested in speaking to some students who are ready to be inspired!

Kevin said...

Andrew, not sure if you remember me but my name is Kevin McBeath - I attend FirstB. I am currently a counsellor/teacher at WCHS in Lethbridge. We are hoping to have our stdnt groups focus on Lethbridge charities and outreach and would love to connect with Uphill Both Ways. Drop me a line.

Rajat said...

My heart was delighted at your generosity and care you have shown to the people in Nepal. I would love to meet you guys. I a student at U of L from Nepal. Couldn't find your guys email on here. My email is #403-393-7205. Would be great to meet you guys over lunch or dinner.

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